About Us

B.P.R Agencies Ltd. imports and sells a selection of industrial food equipment for institutional kitchens as well as for the baking and catering industry in Israel.

The company was founded in the early 70’s and, since 1987, it has been the sole representative of Giorik, the Italian manufacturer of baking ovens, cooking ovens, and line equipment, known for their reliability and durability and used by the majority of chain stores in Israel. In addition, the company represents Mach, Pratica, ATA, RM Gastro, GGF-XTS, EKA, Primax, SPAR, ICOS, Jac, Europa, Red-Fox, Amitek, ICETECH etc.

The selection of products offered by B.P.R includes, among others: convection ovens, combi(nation) ovens, pizza ovens, rapid cooking ovens, tilting boiling pots, blast chillers and shock freezers, heating ovens, proofers, commercial dishwashers, fryers (either gas or electric), pasta cookers, fry tops/char broilers/griddle plates (either gas or electric), cooking ranges (gas, electric, or both), solid tops, tilting bratt pans, induction hobs, slicing machines, bread slicers, contact grills/panini toasters, salamander ovens, bain marie, planetary mixers, spiral mixers, dough sheeters, juice extractors, commercial vegetable dicers, ice cube and ice flake machines, slush machines and cold drink dispensers, hotdog steaming and grilling machines, bar blenders and food processors.

Complementary equipment and accessories are offered for all ovens, such as: oven stands, tray trolleys, aluminum and stainless steel trays, stainless steel grids, stainless steel cabinets, warming cabinets, proofers, and more.
The products are displayed at the company’s exhibition center. Customers are provided with professional advice and assistance upon product selection. They further enjoy technical support and service for the products purchased.
The company’s customers include restaurants, coffee shops, confectionaries, bakeries, hotels, kibbutzim, yeshivas, dormitories, hospitals, etc. – all over the country.

In the field of frozen dough products and bakery shops, our customers include the majority of companies operating nationally, such as: Bonjour (Osem-Nestle), General Mills Israel (Pillsbury), Gidron (Shufersal), the French Pastry, Amit Pastry Products, the Balkan Pastry, Benzi Delicatessen, and more.

B.P.R: Because in the kitchen – you don’t settle for quality, you don’t settle for service.